Reading Evaluations:

Mrs. Shaver uses a few short assessments to build a "profile" on each child. The information gathered determines a child's strengths and weaknesses and paves a pathway to treatment. Cost: $50; applied to first month's tuition.

Reading Intervention:

Intervention can be provided in a one to one or small group setting. Mrs. Shaver helps any age of struggling reader. Early intervention is KEY! It takes 4 times as long to remediate a 4th grader compared to a 1st grader. Intervention requires a minimum commitment of 3 sessions per week with each session lasting 45-90 minutes depending on the student(s). Cost is PER SESSION. For example, for a group of 3 children, the fee is split in three parts. Maximum group size is 4. Cost for individual treatment MAY be supplemented by available scholarship or grant monies from generous donors.

Mrs. Shaver carries a philosophy that ALL struggling readers deserve a chance to learn to read according to their unique abilities.

Cost: $30 per individual session. $40 per session for small group.


Mrs. Shaver believes in a parent's right and ability to advocate for their child and holds in high regard each child's RIGHT to a fair and appropriate education no matter the setting. Under federal law, a "specific learning disability in reading and/or math" is defined as dyslexia.

As a past public school teacher, Mrs. Shaver is familiar with procedural processes of school districts and special programs. She has experience in the IEP process. If she does not have the answer, she seeks support and has access to human resources with a wealth of experience in seeking educational accommodations for struggling students.